How to care for your Hats

Owning quality, custom made hats is a joy.  Caring for them is easy.  Historical collections of hats attest to their longevity, so here are some tips to preserve your fashion investment.

Daily Use Facts:

  • The best way to put on and take off a hat is by the brim, not the crown
  • If you take your hat off, rest it on its crown.  Storing on the brim can flatten and distort its shape.
  • Avoid leaving your hat in the car particularly if it’s hot
  • If your hat gets wet, allow it to dry on a supported surface that prevents the crown or brim from bearing weight.  Ideally, placing the hat on a mannequin or I’ve rolled up a bath towel and set the hat on it like a paper towel roll.
  • If you expect rain carry a plastic bag for your hat or buy a shower cap large enough to fit over the hat.  Look at beauty supply stores.
  • If your hat gets a little dirt or dust on it use a small brush to dislodge dirt.
  • Invest in a hat box for longterm storage if not provided with your purchase.
  • Add cedar balls to your hat box to prevent moths